Problems, Pain, Suffering

Her health condition is rare  Her ability to feel pain is no longer there What if she walks into a snare She'll bleed and not know was her mother's fear Her mother prays to God That her ability to feel pain may be restored In a world where some wishes pains stop One hope for... Continue Reading →


Huge stain on your special shirt White shoe smudged with dirt No idea who left your car with a dent The response you get is far from urgent request Where you kept it isn't where it is Where they placed you isn't where you fit What got damaged isn't what they fixed Who you are... Continue Reading →

MTWTFSS – I feel the Pressure

Monday i'm dealing with that pressure Tuesday's pressure enters my leisure Wednesday reminds me of Monday's pressure Thursday i'm hoping for Friday's Leisure  Friday Friends share experienced pressures Saturday Family stresses my leisure Sunday Thoughts mount up more pressure Monday: The cycle resumes Salary delayed, savings consumed Basic and social needs comes fused Tuesday: Multiple... Continue Reading →

Palms & Sandals

On the donkey colt He gently rides He looked left then smiled right On His path they laid and waved Palms Some were those He blessed with His Palms The Palms waved was a Salute Banner  Their mouth's praise was full of Hosanna  The Palms laid was a scriptural answer Somewhere in Zechariah's 9th chapter... Continue Reading →

You Can Too 

My house you stained My walls you break My call you made to fix the remains My grace remains   Your shoulders they poke In your face they smoke For my sake you've been their joke For my sake, more grace you'll show   It's heavy to bear when your pride comes first It's lighter... Continue Reading →

Vertical meets Horizontal 

Love that flows through the Vertical Love that flows through the Horizontal To love others as we love self To love our Creator with all of self Two sticks crossed as one Two laws to make us all one Deep within all, Love is The Dream History reveals Love is HIS Theme Religion failed to... Continue Reading →

Look at you

Get you a popcorn Press Play on the remote Feed your eyes a Drama or Thriller Movie Point your camera at you Hit Record *Rewind Camera* Watch your actions See yourself react at the action Remember what you thought Remember the ideas you bought Look at you at fearing for another's life Look at you... Continue Reading →

One, Two, Three Worlds

Picture a world where love isn't possible Where beauty isn't even plausible A world where light can't shine Where death totally died A World where Good is totally absent Won't evil be all that feeds the 5 Senses A Place where Freewill is permanently disabled Imagine what kind of horror it would enable Where Pain... Continue Reading →

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