Guy One, Guy Two

Picture This!

Guy One asks a lady out for a relationship
He says to her
“I want to take you as my wife, but here’s a bunch of rules you have to follow…
You will follow these rules for 10 years, then i’ll decide whether to take you in as my wife based on how i feel you follow my rules”
Would you accept his offer?
…I know right!

Guy Two asks a Lady out for a relationship,
She says no,
She couldn’t relate with his kind of person
He really wants a relationship with her,
He see the best in her and wants to help get there.
He did what he felt she needed the most because he desired the relationship with her
But she still said no

The Picture painted is interesting to me,

No Lady will take Guy One seriously, because a relationship isn’t a job and love without the freedom to accept or reject love isn’t love.

Here’s where it gets more interesting,
Guy One is a representation of “Religion”
Man’s description of a relationship with God that is made up of rules that take a lifetime to live up to without an assurance of a relationship hereafter. This relationship doesn’t make sense for a God that is Perfectly “Love” and Perfectly Just.

Guy Two depicts a God who pursues those HE loves by becoming whatever was necessary, but since He is Love, He can’t force the one He pursues to accept Him.
He would even send His friends and family to help invite the one He loves into a relationship

Since imperfection cannot enter into perfection, the perfection of Justice and Love in God must respond by either letting those He loves to pay perfectly for imperfect or make an offer where He pays and the condition for receiving the payment reflects perfection in His love.

God did show He is love by reaching out to us in form of a man(Jesus) to live the life we couldn’t live, die the death we deserve to pay for sins we couldn’t pay for . His offer is that we believe in Him and receive this act of grace He gracefully showed.

This is a relationship humanity could relate with, find rest in truth!

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