No Shoulders; An Ear for the Body

A close friend called
It was a complaint everytime she called
It was another relationship issue
I keep it long distance cos i have mine too

I could tell what’s coming whenever her call comes
She complained about him and about work
It wasn’t getting any better
But then it made me wonder

Wonder like; isn’t she tired of getting the same advice i give
Is she only seeking for an ear to pour out her burdens
For the thousandth time she said “I’m done with him”
This time all i said was “Hmmm”

“Why are you just saying “Hmmm”
“He’s made sacrifices, so have you, do what you think is good”
“Of course i knew you’d say that, Whatever!”
“Talk to God before you do your whatever”
“Oooh! can’t someone just be angry without you saying “Talk to God”
“Well, we both know you know it works, you just needed motivation”

**2 Weeks Later, Different day, Same Gist**

“Bear one another’s burden” – Paul

“In all your getting, get understanding ” – David

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