He Copes Better

This little boy had wishes
He grew up with shattered wishes
Kept wishing daddy would buy me the birthday gift i want
Only for mum to buy me gifts i didn’t really want

Issues with college of choice began to mount
Troubles getting funds for dreams i knew would count
Too much turn-down made me ignore when to ask
Wasn’t a hard decision for an introvert

If only this Pretty Girl says I’m the one
Didn’t get my love reciprocated, all she said was “aww!”
If only these friends cared beyond the “What’s up” and “Turn up”
Mind activates a Turn-down when hope comes up

My Jars for expectations evolved to a basket
I give hope a minute to live before i put it in a casket
But like the Sun, Hope still shines though it’s not seen
I learnt about an Unconditional Love that gave understanding.

I still saved that Expectation Basket
Love taught to focus on giving, without the motive to get
I now have a smaller Hope Casket
Love taught to focus on a hope with an eternal mindset

So i don’t give a “NO” because someone gave me one
I don’t stop loving because i got curved
I get to understand that some little things bring Greater Joy
Took a while, but Love made a man out of that Boy

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