A Date with The Updates

Depression has more teachers than schools
The weather man’s predictions has been far from what is true
Love seems so close to an unseen expiry date
More hearts relocated to the cold state

Boredom made a deal with the air we breathe
Time these days has been full of tricks
The Eater of Children’s innocence has made more disciples
(Mis)s Understanding refused all plea to flee from her confusing title

Attention’s span now grows like Benjamin button
Multitasking has been so busy with finishing nothing
Lust is the G.O.A.T of all stubborn goats
Savagery keeps giving out free petty coat

Bro. Back Pain said he was born by Low Standards
Mr. Grace said Sis. Pride keeps breaking his heart
Sir. Forgiveness seems to check His watch a lot lately
Uncle Judge gracefully adjourned a lot of cases

Uncle Judge told me He’s finally on his way back
I had to tell Lust and Savagery i didn’t want them back
Been speaking for Mr Grace to Sis. Pride
Sir. Forgiveness said we’ll soon take an eternal ride…

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