A Bro Hug and A Conversation

Based on True Conversations

WDY: What’s good bro?
FRND: Nothing much, just chilling

*Handshake* *snaps fingers* *Bro hug*

WDY: Cool, How’s your health plus the hustle?
FRND: Mhen! It’s been up and down but we give thanks to Allah.

WDY: Yeah God is Good. Yes! i’ve been doing some studies of the Quran and i want to ask you some questions.
FRND: Hmm nice, what’s good?

WDY: Ok, Who performed the most miracles in the Quran?
FRND: That would be Prophet Muhammad PBUH

WDY: Really, I’m not so sure about that, OK tell me 3 miracles he performed
FRND: Um! It’s not really that way, there’s just one great Miracle he did which was…

WDY: *interrupts* That he Wrote the Quran
FRND: Exactly

WDY: But then let’s go back to my initial question, who performed the most miracles in the Quran
FRND: Probably Musa(Moses) or Ibrahim(Abraham), I’m not too sure.

WDY: Okay, before i share my findings, Let me ask a logical question since you’re my guy and i know you’re smart.
FRND: *Looks more attentive*

WDY: Let’s assume the previous governor of this state provided free housing, free education, free healthcare, gave everyone the opportunity to communicate with him even after leaving. Then after that another Governor came who put his rules over the free facilities and said this is how it should be used, with possible death penalties for those who goes against his new laws. Which of these Two Governors would you say was the better one?
FRND: *Chuckles* The first one of course.

WDY: Now that brings us back to who performed the most miracles in the Quran, who happens to be Anobi Isa whose English translated name is Jesus. He is that First Governor. Muhammad had the Quran hundreds of years after Isa.

I feel as a smart person, you should be curious as to whom this Isa is, if the Quran affirms that he performed miracles that no one else could, and further research into History testifies that He lived, was killed by the Romans and that there were a number of witnesses that testified till their death that they saw him bodily after he was buried and even ate with him. Shouldn’t this spark up more questions in your heart bro?

FRND: A lot of questions, You Christians believe He is God but we know he is a Prophet.

WDY: How do you know for sure that He is just a Prophet, I’m guessing because Mohammed said it? But who else verifies what He said?
FRND: We just take it that way because the Quran is the Holy Book

WDY: Ok, You and i are friends, but your Quran calls us enemies because I’m not practicing Islam and it says you should fight me, but there’s love between us, In my Bible Isa(Jesus) said i should Love you like i love myself… Which appeals to your senses more To Love or to Fight me?
FRND: Bro, this is a hard question, maybe you’re getting through to me because I’ve not studied as much as you have.

WDY: This Guy, you know how to deflect, i just need you to reflect
FRND: I’m reflecting but i need more research

WDY: You sure do, Isa in the Bible said “You shall know the truth and it shall set you free”
We were also advised to “Test all things and hold on to what is true”.
Truth by definition is exclusive, meaning it doesn’t change even if people change.
If i was colour blind, the truth that your shirt is Red remains truth even if i can’t see it, Right?
FRND: True

WDY: Isa in the Bible said “I am the Truth… ” that means we can put that statement to test
FRND: Truth about what?

WDY: What are the questions that haunts all humans
FRND: Life, Money and Death

WDY: *Laughs* Nice one
FRND: But it’s true bro

WDY: You’re right, let’s look at it this way.
1. Origin; where did i come from?
2. Meaning; what’s all this life about ?
3. Morality; What’s right and what’s wrong, Good or evil
4. Destiny; What happens next, where do i go after this life?
FRND: Guy! you didn’t tell me you’ve become a professor *raised eyebrow*

WDY: *Laughs* Serious talk, we need truth to all these answers and this truth must correspond with our reality no matter the generation. It must be consistent.
FRND: Hmm makes sense

WDY: This is that Truth Isa(Jesus) said He is
*sees FRND check his watch*
Hey! you have somewhere to go now, let me just conclude then we’ll see later with more of your tough questions
FRND: You bet!

WDY: You do pray well right
FRND: 5 times

WDY: Which means you have God’s attention
FRND: Perhaps

WDY: Can you ask Him about Isa, that if He is the Truth, He should reveal himself to you… Just a simple prayer
FRND: Let’s assume he now appears, you think I’ll wait? Hmm Usain Bolt won’t see me coming

WDY: *LMBO* it doesn’t always happen like we may think, but trust that God will show you truth in the best way you can understand it. Perhaps HE knows you better than you know yourself
FRND: *Nods*

WDY: Nice talk Fam, let me release you for now
FRND: *laughs* I appreciate it, Later Bro

WDY: Have a blessed day
FRND: Insha Allah
*Handshake* *Bro Hug*


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