Out there, In here…

Evil isn’t just out there

It’s in here

Sometimes i allow it

Sometimes i suppress it

Sometimes suppressed for what others would think me

Sometimes allowed so i don’t look weak 
My ability to do evil is natural

My ability to do good is natural

Perhaps because it’s within the possibilities of being human

How many people have i killed in my mind

How many girls have i slept with in my dirty mind

How many giving have i given in order to get back
“If not for Jesus” has been said as i suppress the evil i’m capable of

Hmm! you probably relate with this stuff

“For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts”

Accurate is the description of our hearts by Jesus

If i was to approach God by merits of Good above evil

My actions plus my intentions would lay me on evil’s level
Thankfully God gave a sacrifice i couldn’t afford

Thankfully my place for wrath was switched on that Cross

Being a follower of Jesus didn’t make me Perfect

It gave my evil heart a responsible spot in God’s cleansing process
I’m Humbled!

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