Out there, In here…

Evil isn’t just out there

It’s in here

Sometimes i allow it

Sometimes i suppress it

Sometimes suppressed for what others would think me

Sometimes allowed so i don’t look weak 
My ability to do evil is natural

My ability to do good is natural

Perhaps because it’s within the possibilities of being human

How many people have i killed in my mind

How many girls have i slept with in my dirty mind

How many giving have i given in order to get back
“If not for Jesus” has been said as i suppress the evil i’m capable of

Hmm! you probably relate with this stuff

“For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts”

Accurate is the description of our hearts by Jesus

If i was to approach God by merits of Good above evil

My actions plus my intentions would lay me on evil’s level
Thankfully God gave a sacrifice i couldn’t afford

Thankfully my place for wrath was switched on that Cross

Being a follower of Jesus didn’t make me Perfect

It gave my evil heart a responsible spot in God’s cleansing process
I’m Humbled!


Problems, Pain, Suffering

Her health condition is rare 

Her ability to feel pain is no longer there

What if she walks into a snare

She’ll bleed and not know was her mother’s fear
Her mother prays to God

That her ability to feel pain may be restored

In a world where some wishes pains stop

One hope for pain to come
Another by the name Anne Johnson Flint

Her pains and sores till death never ceased

Doctors called it Rheumatoid arthritis

Yet this is a song she’d sing

He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater,

He sendeth more strength when the labors increase;

To added afflictions He addeth His mercy,

To multiplied trials, His multiplied peace.
When we have exhausted our store of endurance,

When our strength has failed where the day is half done,

When we reach the end of our hoarded resources
Our Father’s full giving is only begun.

Fear not that thy need shall exceed His provision,

Our God ever yearns His resources to share;

Lean hard on the arm everlasting, availing;

The Father both thee and thy load will upbear.
His love has no limits, His grace has no measure,

His power no boundary known unto men;

For out of His infinite riches in Jesus

He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again.

And Jesus said,

“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”


Huge stain on your special shirt

White shoe smudged with dirt

No idea who left your car with a dent

The response you get is far from urgent request
Where you kept it isn’t where it is

Where they placed you isn’t where you fit

What got damaged isn’t what they fixed

Who you are isn’t what they think 
What you feel is what they’d get

Vision distorted and all you see is red

Emotions stirred by voices in your head

Battles of the flesh they hardly tell
If the voice isn’t right, what voice is left

If it’s not of God, whose voice is left

Nowhere can’t be the source of intelligence

Because Truth lives, those voice can be put to test.
“Pilate said to Him, What is Truth?…then he walked away”


“Jesus said to him(Not Pilate), “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life…”
Test Him, Know Him, Know Peace!

MTWTFSS – I feel the Pressure

Monday i’m dealing with that pressure

Tuesday’s pressure enters my leisure

Wednesday reminds me of Monday’s pressure

Thursday i’m hoping for Friday’s Leisure 

Friday Friends share experienced pressures

Saturday Family stresses my leisure

Sunday Thoughts mount up more pressure
Monday: The cycle resumes

Salary delayed, savings consumed

Basic and social needs comes fused
Tuesday: Multiple priorities got my mind confused

Isolation clears sight but not mind’s view

Gave up on expectations cos no few shared my view
Wednesday: Love calls to get served

Love is served but won’t serve back

Thoughts say i didn’t give fulfilment the chance

Perhaps i ignore the present for the past
Thursday came that delayed payday

Got distress calls saying mayday

Another short lived heyday 

Depression won’t let me enjoy a playday
Friday was casual and i didn’t stress my wardrobe

Read The Word and hoped to find hope

Shared worries in prayers to lighten my load

I didn’t miss the sky’s beauty along the road
Saturday i cancelled all outing

Took my time to get my house clean

Let my pillow get my lean

Replayed lessons i learnt all week
Sunday i called off going to the church

Went to see a friend who won’t go to the mosque

Our great talk ended with a warm hug

I embraced the fulfilment from shared love 

God is Love!

Palms & Sandals

On the donkey colt He gently rides

He looked left then smiled right

On His path they laid and waved Palms

Some were those He blessed with His Palms

The Palms waved was a Salute Banner 

Their mouth’s praise was full of Hosanna 

The Palms laid was a scriptural answer

Somewhere in Zechariah’s 9th chapter

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD

Blessed is HE, and we call Him Jesus

Whose sandals we’re not worthy to touch

Yet He welcomes us with incomparable Love

Grace to you this Palm Sunday…In Jesus Name. Amen!

You Can Too 

My house you stained

My walls you break

My call you made to fix the remains

My grace remains

Your shoulders they poke

In your face they smoke

For my sake you’ve been their joke

For my sake, more grace you’ll show

It’s heavy to bear when your pride comes first

It’s lighter to bear because I clear your faults

Can’t love me without loving those I love

They’re also made in My image…I am Love

Vertical meets Horizontal 

Love that flows through the Vertical

Love that flows through the Horizontal

To love others as we love self

To love our Creator with all of self

Two sticks crossed as one

Two laws to make us all one

Deep within all, Love is The Dream

History reveals Love is HIS Theme

Religion failed to make the change

Till relationship reached down so we’d keep the change

It’s a marvel that we could become Ex Men

If only we believe The Hero died to save the villain(Us)

Because Creator could, HE came as man

Because Creator is love, He helped the fallen to stand

If Creator didn’t show up, how else would we understand

If Creator we befriend, love for one another won’t be hard

Vertical meets the Horizontal on that Horizon

Suppression of Evidence isn’t the Absence of it

We say “Nah,  Let’s put God aside and be Logical”
Like God wasn’t the reason our Logic is possible,  Like our Logic transcends God’s teachings.
Look at how much global depression and Evil we’re experiencing, yet we still Suppress our Knowledge of God’s Superiority over anything and everything.

Some would say “Forget about Satan, Humans are the problem”
Some truth behind that, however not entirely true.
Satan Inspires Evil, Humans choose to adopt it. Ignoring the source of all Evil puts us at a disadvantage in dealing with the Schemes. Look at our World ,Look at our Hearts, How much selfishness,lust, envy,  dissatisfaction and evil have we allowed.

The Evidence for the power to change hearts has been suppressed by lies and the comfort in ignorance .Who gave hope to those in pain by going through worse pain, Who got HIS message into cities that closed their gates through dreams, Who used HIS people to show Love to the Violent, Who in History Claimed to be The Truth,  The Way and The Life,  Whose History is so present, Who offers us eternal Beauty, Peace and Life right after this Life. Who makes the Death of a Loved one peaceful to bear. Who offers to take all our faults if we believe.

The Name JESUS CHRIST a.k.a YESHUA has and always will STAND OUT. Our Creator offers us a reunion without forcing HIS Will… That’s LOVE.

If evidence is what you need,  Google and ask around. If faith is what you have, Close your eyes and ask HIM to reveal HIMSELF. I’m not done being amazed by my findings of Jesus, HE’s too creative to have enough of HIM


Look at you

Get you a popcorn
Press Play on the remote
Feed your eyes a Drama or Thriller Movie
Point your camera at you
Hit Record

*Rewind Camera*

Watch your actions
See yourself react at the action
Remember what you thought
Remember the ideas you bought

Look at you at fearing for another’s life
Look at you hoping another dies
Look at you clench fists as they fight
Look at you believing that killing is right

You smile when they smile
You’re hyped when they’re hyped
Was it only for that moment
Or would you subconsciously relive those moments

The Horrors you enjoy becomes comedy
Witness a true life tragedy after and you might treat it like comedy
Watch evil expose your heart as you visualize
Watch as Imagination relegates your Reason behind the background

That’s just one Genre,
How about Music, Novels and the others
Some “Make believe” is reality to many
Some “Make believe” is adopted reality by many

What influences the inspiration behind it all
What good is it if the good isn’t of God
The Light, the Darkness, the Grey
Without The Light on, one is prey to darkness of every shade

Whatever influences imagination
Could build or destroy nations
How much evil has our brains downloaded just for the fun of it
The Beautiful good in hearts are now considered obsolete


One, Two, Three Worlds

Picture a world where love isn’t possible
Where beauty isn’t even plausible
A world where light can’t shine
Where death totally died

A World where Good is totally absent
Won’t evil be all that feeds the 5 Senses
A Place where Freewill is permanently disabled
Imagine what kind of horror it would enable

Where Pain is norm
Where there’s no ability to go numb
Could you make plans for a timeless absence of Good
Can’t imagine eternally starving without death where there’s no Food

Now Picture another World
One where all that was disabled in the other world was enabled
A world where the even is as perfect as the odds
A place where all evil is timelessly unabled

A world where Happiness and Joy has no day off
Where calendars don’t count and days are literally off
Where tears are only caused by Beauty
Where there’s a continuous continuity to the height of every good creativity you’ve seen

Now Picture a Third World
A world somewhere in between the first two worlds
Where there’s Good and there’s Evil
Where the Barbaric could be rewarded beyond the Civil

Where time counts
Where the faces that smile also frown
Where death has its days daily
Where there’s hope,  hopelessness, freedom,  slavery…

Where God is and Isn’t
Where meaninglessness thrives amidst true meaning
Turns out this is the one you and i live in
Turns out we end up in either of the first two worlds our lifestyle fits in

A Timeless reunion with the Person of Love and Creativity
Or A Timeless separation from His Peace, Life,  Love and Freewill
Those that Humbly seek Their maker finds HIM
The Approachable only Son(Jesus) is the shortcut to The Perfect King

Everyone gets to hear life’s truth
If it can be tested,  then you know it’s true
Hell is a choice by the heart’s Pride
Heaven is a choice to live in truth while pride dies


Inspirational words, Free verse and Warm Poetry