Guy One, Guy Two

Picture This! Guy One asks a lady out for a relationship He says to her "I want to take you as my wife, but here's a bunch of rules you have to follow... You will follow these rules for 10 years, then i'll decide whether to take you in as my wife based on how... Continue Reading →


Can You Wait

You tried You cried You're denied You sighed You that gives but hardly gets back You whose leading legs get stepped on You with great concerns decorating your mind You whose leaning shoulders get climbed upon Your hands help when it's weary You share yours with a backbiter You see who needs help though your... Continue Reading →

No Shoulders; An Ear for the Body

A close friend called It was a complaint everytime she called It was another relationship issue I keep it long distance cos i have mine too I could tell what's coming whenever her call comes She complained about him and about work It wasn't getting any better But then it made me wonder Wonder like;... Continue Reading →

He Copes Better

This little boy had wishes He grew up with shattered wishes Kept wishing daddy would buy me the birthday gift i want Only for mum to buy me gifts i didn't really want Issues with college of choice began to mount Troubles getting funds for dreams i knew would count Too much turn-down made me... Continue Reading →

A Date with The Updates

Depression has more teachers than schools The weather man's predictions has been far from what is true Love seems so close to an unseen expiry date More hearts relocated to the cold state Boredom made a deal with the air we breathe Time these days has been full of tricks The Eater of Children's innocence... Continue Reading →

Based on True Conversations ... WDY: What's good bro? FRND: Nothing much, just chilling *Handshake* *snaps fingers* *Bro hug* WDY: Cool, How's your health plus the hustle? FRND: Mhen! It's been up and down but we give thanks to Allah. WDY: Yeah God is Good. Yes! i've been doing some studies of the Quran and... Continue Reading →

Out there, In here…

Evil isn't just out there It's in here Sometimes i allow it Sometimes i suppress it Sometimes suppressed for what others would think me Sometimes allowed so i don't look weak  My ability to do evil is natural My ability to do good is natural Perhaps because it's within the possibilities of being human How... Continue Reading →

Problems, Pain, Suffering

Her health condition is rare  Her ability to feel pain is no longer there What if she walks into a snare She'll bleed and not know was her mother's fear Her mother prays to God That her ability to feel pain may be restored In a world where some wishes pains stop One hope for... Continue Reading →


Huge stain on your special shirt White shoe smudged with dirt No idea who left your car with a dent The response you get is far from urgent request Where you kept it isn't where it is Where they placed you isn't where you fit What got damaged isn't what they fixed Who you are... Continue Reading →

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